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930 White Scum Remover


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930 White Scum Remover is formulated with inhibited acids and wetting agents for the removal of white scum (insoluble salt stains) from brick and stone, along with masonry surface stains which can occur during improper and incomplete washing procedures. (i.e. hazy/dull color or scaly gray/white residue on the face of the masonry)


  • Stain control is dependent on many variables in the surfaces and on job conditions - corrective measures should be undertaken before cleaning
  • Polished stone surfaces should be cleaned with care
  • Do NOT use for white powdery efflorescence; use DIEDRICH 200, 202, or 202V

Brick and Stone

SIZES: 1, 5 & 55 Gallons

White Scum Remover Application

  • Thoroughly pre-wet the surface to be cleaned with water.
  • Apply with a dense, soft masonry brush, roller, pump-up sprayer or low pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer.
  • Suggested Dilution Rates
    for 930 White Scum Remover
  • Product should not be diluted
  • For detailed instructions, download the Technical Data Sheet for this product
  • Typical Coverage Rates: 150-200 sq. ft. per gal. (coverage increases with dilution)

For containment and neutralization of this and other Diedrich products: Neutra Soak, a dry absorbent product environmental protection system

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