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Graffiti Management & Removal System

The Diedrich Anti-Graffiti System consists of protective and removal components

The 333 Omegaseal delivers graffiti protection, creating a membrane that protects against penetration of most common materials used by vandals.

When a protected surface has been attacked, the graffiti can be removed with either 505 Special Coatings Stripper or 606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover, assisted by high pressure water.

505 Special Coatings Stripper is recommended as the first product to use when removing graffiti since multiple removals are possible without re-application of 333. When the areas that have been stripped with 505 show signs of water absorption, reapply the 333 Omegaseal.

606 Mulit-Layer Paint Remover should only be used for the most stubborn types of graffiti damage since re-application of 333 will be required after each use.

333 Omegaseal Water Repellent
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606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover
Diedrich 606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover is designed to dissolve and remove oil and lead base paints, latex paints and varnishes from masonry and metal...

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