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300-C Water-Based Siloxane Concentrate Water Repellent


300-C Water-Based Siloxane Concentrate Water Repellent DOCUMENTS & DOWNLOADS


300-C is a VOC compliant, penetrating, breathable, siloxane product for use on precast and site cast concrete, clay and concrete masonry, sandstone and stucco surfaces where surface darkening is unacceptable.

  • This is a concentrated formulation that should be diluted based on project materials and conditions, see coverage and dilution charts below
  • Reduces bonding of airborne dirt and hydro-carbons
  • Reduces water damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Provides protection against efflorescence and exhibits excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays and chlorine ions
  • Exceeds requirements of NCHRP 244, meets SSW 110C Federal Specification and ASTM E514

For assistance call: 1-800-323-3565

Formulated for use on Precast And Site Cast Concrete, Clay and Concrete Masonry, Sandstone and Stucco Surfaces where surface darkening is unacceptable


  • NOT recommended for marble, travertine, limestone, polished granite, gypsum, plaster or syntheic resin paint
  • Once diluted with water the 300-C Concentrate product must be applied within 24 hours for maximum effectiveness

SIZES: 1, 5 & 55 Gallons

Water-Based Siloxane Concentrate Water Repellent

  • Thoroughly mix product.
  • Apply with a dense, soft masonry brush, roller, or low pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer.
  • Apply when temperatures are above 40°F starting from the bottom to top of surface.
  • Slowly apply in a wet on wet technique with 4” to 8” run down on vertical surfaces. If pooling occurs on horizontal application, spread out with a broom until penetration occurs.
  • For detailed instructions, download the Technical Data Sheet for this product
  • Suggested Dilution Rates for 300-C Water-Base Siloxane Water Repellent
  • Project Materials/Condition Dilution Rate is
    Vertical Surfaces 1 Part Product To:
    Porous 9 parts water
    Semiporous 14 parts water
    Dense 19 parts water
    Horizontal Surfaces 1 Part Product To:
    Porous 4 parts water
    Semiporous 7 parts water
    Dense 9 parts water
  • Coverage Rates
    for 300C Water-Based Siloxane Concentrate Water Repellent
    Project Materials/Condition Coverage:
    Brick & Tile 600-850 sq. ft.
    Pre-cast Panels 1500-2000 sq. ft.
    Pavers 600-850 sq. ft.
    Cast-in-place 600-850 sq. ft.
    Fired Clay
    Brick Pavers, Terra Cotta & Tile 1250-1750 sq. ft.
    Unpolished 2000-4000 sq. ft.
    Sandstone 750-1000 sq. ft.
    Slate 2000-4000 sq. ft.

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