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Aspir-Solv Safe Solvent Cleaner


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A water soluble, safe, solvent cleaner for the removal of petroleum based oil and grease stains, hydraulic and auto fluids and tire marks from concrete, stone, brick, paving blocks and concrete block. The ideal product for removing oil and grease stains from driveways.

Aspir-Solv is a water soluble, safe solvent cleaner, ideal for the removal of :

  • Oil and grease stains, hydraulic and auto fluids, tire marks from concrete, stone, brick paving blocks and concrete block
  • It will also remove some water repellents, cure and seal coatings, tape, tape residue, and construction adhesives

Concrete, Stone, Brick Paving Blocks And Concrete Block.

SIZES: 1, 5 & 55 Gallons

Aspir-Solv Safe Solvent Cleaner Application

  • Apply full strength to a dry surface with low-pressure airless spray, brush, or roller.
  • Allow to dwell for 15 to 20 minutes, agitating with a stiff bristle brush after 10 minutes when necessary.
  • Use pressure wash removal for best results.
  • Suggested Dilution Rates
    for Aspir-Solv Safe Solvent Cleaner
  • Product should not be diluted.
  • For detailed instructions, download the Technical Data Sheet for this product.
  • Typical Coverage Rates:
    • Masonry and Concrete: 50 sq. ft. per gal.
    • Nonporous surfaces (glass and metal): 200 sq. ft. per gal.

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