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333 Omegaseal Water Repellent


333 Omegaseal Water Repellent is a split face block sealer with heavy duty solids and provides hydrophobic protection to masonry surfaces through the formation of a semi-permeable membrane

  • Flexible membrane remains intact through thermal movement of the masonry, rejects water in the solid state and allows for moisture vapor transmission
  • The unique blend of silicone polymers provides maximum resistance to destruction from ultraviolet light and acid rain
  • Can be applied year-round at 20°F and above


  • Do NOT apply to wet, damp or dirty surfaces
  • NOT suitable for any polished masonry surface

SIZES: 1, 5 & 55 Gallons

Omegaseal Water Repellent Application

  • Using a dense, soft masonry brush, roller, low-pressure (40-50 psi) airless sprayer, or garden sprayer, apply a saturation coat to the point of run down, working top to bottom.
  • Two coats normally required
  • Allow 24 hours between applications.
  • For detailed instructions, download the Technical Data Sheet for this product

Omegaseal Water Repellent Product Selection/Coverage

333-E 10%
  • Use for Clay and Concrete Brick, Concrete Block, Highly Porous Natural Stone, L&S Stone and Other Manufactured Stone
  • Covers 75-150 sq. ft./gal.
333-L 20%:
  • Use for Extremely Porous Block (Hollow Core Split Faced) with or without integral waterproofing
  • Covers 50-100 sq. ft./gal. 2 coats req. min. for warranty consideration.

Anti-Graffitti System

333 Omegaseal with 20% solids content functions as a main component of the Diedrich Anti-Graffiti System. The membrane protects against penetration of most materials commonly used by vandals. When a protected surface has been attacked, either Diedrich 505 Paint Stripper or Diedrich 606 Paint Remover, assisted by high pressure water, will remove the offensive marking.

  • Multiple removals with the Diedrich 505 Stripper are possible without re-application
  • Diedrich 606 Paint Remover will remove the 333 Omegaseal and will require reapplication

NOTE: When a sealed area begins to show signs of water absorption, it is appropriate to reapply the 333 Omegaseal.

VOC Compliant formulations are available.

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