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606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover


606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover DOCUMENTS & DOWNLOADS


Diedrich 606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover is designed to dissolve and remove oil and lead base paints, latex paints and varnishes from masonry and metal exterior surfaces under normal conditions.

  • 606 is a specially thickened potassium hydroxide solution which is both biodegradable, when neutralized, and soluble in water.
  • 606 should be applied without dilution.
  • A thick coat of remover may dwell from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the number of layers and the types of paint.
  • On masonry, use Diedrich 101/101G as an afterwash to clean the dirt and residue that may be left after the paint removal. When used on wood, clean with 200, 202, or 707N to neutralize the surface.

SIZES: 1, 5 & 55 Gallons

Multi-Layer Paint Remover Application

  • Properly cover surrounding areas before applying 606.
  • Liberally apply with a synthetic fiber brush, roller, or stainless steel sprayer.
  • Let dwell until surface starts to lift (1 to 24 hrs) and rinse with pressure washer.
  • Allow very short dwell times on wood surfaces, as chemical penetration will discolor the material.
  • Suggested Dilution Rates for 606 Multi-Layer Paint Remover
  • Download the Technical Data Sheet for this product for detailed instructions
  • Typical Coverage Rates: 50-100 sq. ft. per gal.

For the containment and neutralization of this and other Diedrich products: Neutra Soak, a dry absorbent product environmental protection system

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